i know i just made an ff last month but this one is kinda special because i’m about to reach 2,000 followers soon (not really soon but yeah) 

if you can’t tell already im really really lame at these sort of things so yeah all i’m going to say is thank you for still following me even though im such a loser and ily all <3 i probably forgot to add some url’s and im so sorry for that.

bold - favorite blogs (although everyones blog is my fave, these ones are special?)

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*SPINS CHAIR* Why hello there… It seems as though you’ve stumbled upon my 3k follow forever *swirls cup of wine and crosses my legs*. I just want to thank each of you darling folks that are mentioned for making my dash very very lively, befriending many of you and being supported by you scallywags, you mean the world to me. I’m honestly so sorry if I forgot you or something, or if your url has changed, by the time this is posted not my fault it’s yours :(

Now, let me give you the rundown on why the hell the background is crumpled paper: i’m done my first year of uni and i just crumpled my papers, thus, resulting in me using crumpled paper.

But anyway! I love you guys so much thank you for being on my hella rad boat and dealing with all my bullshit. I’ll see you all again at 4k nyeh heh heh *winks*


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